Dear My Hubbie

By | 23 Oktober 2016

Today is your day…..

Remember the day when your mother struggled to bring you in this world

The day when your small cries greeted the world for the first time

and it was right on this day


Rahmat Setyaji is the name which has been pinned by your parents

Rahmat means a blessing of Allah SWT

Setyaji means loving and affectionate

Each name is a prayer and hope that you shall be as expected


And it’s really true… Your name represents you

You are a figure of loving and affectionate who has been present in my life

A figure who is always surrounded by a blessing that has became my life partner


Happy Birthday 28th My Hubbie…..

My heartfelt prayer always accompanies every step you take

And be always the power of my lose heart



Makassar, 24 October 2016

♥ From Your Lovely Wife ♥




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